Project description

TRUE-FIT software was developed to design tool holders (organizers). This CAD-System helps clients save time and resources, especially during the laborious process of creating custom layouts.

Current status

Volya programmers carry out functional development and ongoing technical support of the application.

Client info

Snap-on develops, manufactures and markets high quality tools and equipment for use in the industrial and transportation industries. In addition, the company manufactures tool storage.


Kenosha, Wisconsin (US)

Creating custom toolcontrol layouts in a three simple steps

In large workshops, the number of working tools always counts in thousands. To effectively use the workspace and always have the right tools at hand, professionals buy tool boxes and tables.

However, such boxes need improvement. For example, you can order an organizer, thanks to which the tools will be firmly fixed in place.

TRUE-FIT software designs lodgments of any complexity in three simple steps.

Step 1. Requirements Evaluation

At this stage, the client should think about what tool he already has or what he is going to purchase in the near future. When the final list is ready, the data is sent to the System for processing.

Step 2. Tool Kit Layout Creating

TRUE-FIT currently contains over 30,000 multi- view tool and product silhouettes. All that is required is to select the appropriate toolkit from the list and arrange it in the most optimal order.

Step 3. Manufacturing

The designed project directly export to foam cutting machine interface. The System utilizes multi-level error checking preventing foam and silhouette errors.

Technologies used

Programming language: C ++ using STL and MFC libraries.

How does it work

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