CAD development
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CAD development

CAD Development

Development of Computer Aided Design or CAD / CAM-systems –

is one of the key specializations of Volya Software Corporation. Each member of the CAD development team has an average of 10 years of experience on the subject. Our employees posses advanced CAD skills, including creation of sophisticated mathematical algorithms and development of CAD plug-ins.

Areas of application

CAD solutions for specialized industries

Development of CAD functionality for Web-applications

CAD functionality for mobile applications

Plugins for common CAD systems

CAD development expertise

Desktop solution for Point of Sale Displays and Packaging Design

Sample Maker 2D is a CAD-solution for designing packaging products and vending displays from scratch. Also, application includes licensed 3D party library from our partner RulesSoftware, that allows a user to choose a template out of 500+ packaging designs library for further customization.

Web-based solution for packaging design and visualization

PackUp Online is a web-based solution that allows creating a package of any shape or format. The program is designed for 3D visualization and virtual testing (folding animation) of the product. Program outputs are production-ready files (for cutting plotters, etc.) or presentation materials.

AutoCAD plug-in for solar power plants design

Development of AutoCAD and BricsCAD plug-ins, which allow designing household and industrial-scale solar power plants on three-dimensional surfaces like models of territory, roofs, etc. The program calculates the most effective placement and tilt of solar panels taking into account the maximum illumination without shadows, geographical position or other factors.

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CAD solution for tool storage design

True-Fit is a system for tool cabinets design allowing to layout tool sets with the most efficiency. Automated tool monitoring and inventory systems linking are also available. The program is most commonly used in aviation, aerospace, engineering and automotive industries.