Who We Are?

Volya Software Corporation is U.S. based IT company, established in 2009, specializing in production of custom software solutions for businesses, software systems for production automation, web and mobile applications. We also provide complete “turn-key” Software Development Outsourcing and IT consulting services. The main office is located in Austin, Texas (USA) with a branch office in Kyiv (Ukraine).

Historically, Volya focused on creating custom software engineering solutions for CAD (Computer Aided Design) and Packaging Industries, and developing machine learning, visual recognition systems for cutting tables and related hardware equipment.

Over the time, the Company’s spectrum of experience and successful projects have expanded significantly into other business areas such as: CRM-systems, financial trading and logistics applications, web solutions for healthcare industry, crypto currency development and many more.

Development department
The development department consists of 15 permanent high-qualified technical specialists and the same number of additional employees, engaged as required for specific assignments. We practice the work of a dedicated team for each project, and at the same time the best experience of the whole company will be applied at every key stage of product development.
Quality assurance
Our QA team reliably ensures the quality and stability of the product before the release. The department’s experts track and implement the latest effective testing methods.
Support department
Consists of several employees who provide a wide range of support services to end users of products. Representatives of the department are able to communicate with customers in English, Russian, Japanese and Ukrainian.
Technical documentation department
Prepares a complete set of documentation for the customer on the created product, including the Quick Start Guide, User’s Manual and other necessary materials for the end user. This facilitates the introduction of the product and minimizes training time for personnel.

Why Us

Volya Software Corporation has a number of advantages and key differentiating points that you might want to consider while looking for your software development partner:

  • The collective technical experience of our experts is more than 200 years. You can’t achieve this by hiring stand-alone staff or freelancers
  • The most qualified specialists with specific industry/sector experience are assigned to your project
  • Teams of developers and testers have been working together for many years and their interaction and effectiveness have been tuned to perfection; this greatly affects the final quality of the product and delivery schedule
  • Our team’s structure and flexibility allows us to double the staff of software developers in just a few weeks, if required by the scope or needs of the project
  • We don’t carry big sales departments or huge overhead expenses. We are very lean and bottom line focused team. This approach allows us to provide high quality work at very competitive pricing

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