Project description

For three years a modern and easy-to-use plug-in for a well-known AutoCAD has been in development. The team’s mission was to create a software that would allow more efficient solar power plants being designed.

To speed up the process, the customer’s representatives contacted us regarding cooperation. Excited for a new challenge, we took on some of the work to improve and expand the existing functionality of the plug-in.

Client info

the company is developing advanced software for designing solar panels.


Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Project goals

  • Among the priority goals was the creation of a correctly working installer based on an open source installer;
  • To create BricsCAD version of the plug-in;
  • To organize the system’s functional and fix any issues found during the testing phase;
  • To identify and fix major errors in the project.

Results achieved

Picking a suitable template, the designer is only required to enter the necessary dimensions following by the logo of the brand, advertising slogan, wallpaper or any other desired artistic element.

  • Finished and expanded previously existed export feature in SolarSpeed (added json format);
  • Installer project has been transferred from a paid MSIFactory to a free InnoSetup, added an installer version utilizing WIX Tools;
  • Created stable installers for BricsCAD. Functionality is 80% mirrored from AutoCAD;
  • Fixed major errors.

Creating a model of a terrestrial solar power plant

The project for the placement of photovoltaic panels on the rooftop

The plug-in analyzes shadows and solar radiation

Transfer your reports into Excel spreadsheets

Preparing the rooftop with the edge and borders of the layout

Quick 3D landscape import from Plex Earth

Technologies used

Programming language: C#. We used .Net Framework 4.6 for the smooth operation of the plug-in. For AutoCAD API we choose ObjectARX. WIX Tools and Inno Setup have been used for a new set of installers.

Customer Representative Comments

Volya is a very experienced and professional developer agency. They even have seperate Q&A before releasing the code to customer. I can only recommend them.

Kim Eyckmans - Founder, Virtuosolar

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