Project description

For the packaging manufacturers, which are Zünd’s main customers, apart from equipment, it is important to quickly create attractive and unique design solutions for each customer. Thus there was a need for an application that allows you easily design packages and displays based on predefined templates that can simulate it’s folding to verify the validity and precision of the parameters submitted. The task also included a preview of 3D models of products, logos and inscriptions placement, the option to download presentation files and other functions.

Volya engineers successfully created the multifunctional Zünd Design Center plug-in based on Adobe Illustrator. Without intermediate operations allowing prepared design to be imported for direct use by production equipment.

Client info

Zünd Systemtechnik AG

The world’s leading manufacturer of multifunctional digital cutting equipment (flatbed cutting plotters)

Product Information

Zünd Design Center

Zünd Design Center is an Adobe Illustrator plug-in for creating single- and multi-part packaging and three-dimensional POP/POS displays used in sales.

System’s purpose

Zünd Design Center library comes pre-loaded with hundreds of ready-made design templates for the most popular materials: Corrugated Boards, Folding Carton, Expanded PVC, Lightweight Foam Boards, MDF Boards, Polypropylene Boards and Sandwich Boards. Using those templates as guidance it is easy to design separate packages, as well as three-dimensional shelves for sales points.


Picking a suitable template, the designer is only required to enter the necessary dimensions following by the logo of the brand, advertising slogan, wallpaper or any other desired artistic element.

3D visualization

You can start 3D-visualization of the created object right after just the basic outline and see what the final folded product will be like.

Digital presentation

To show a draft to the client, the project can be exported to an interactive 3D PDF file, a video sequence or a 3D object.

How does it work

Technologies used

C++ version 14 was used as the programming language. We utilized HotDoor Framework, a library for 2D and 3D OpenGL graphics playback, as well as Simlab 3D SDK. The plugin is perfectly optimized for Windows and Mac OS.

Customer Representative Comments

We asked Martin Dünser (Head of Products Software, Zünd Systemtechnik AG) to evaluate the work of our specialists by answering a few questions:

What is your general impression of cooperation with the Volya company?

Although everyone involved is in different places, even different countries, the cooperation is quite fast and the use of correspondence via e-mail or via Skype calls is usually leading to mutual understanding. Volya is cooperative and respects the client’s wishes, for example when it comes to the planning of features for upcoming releases. Also, the developer provides a draft of how a new function will look like before development, which makes the process more efficient and helps to avoid expensive changes after the development.

How quickly can you reach a mutual understanding when discussing the project?

Besides verbal explanations, we use sketches and examples to exchange ideas. This is usually helpful to ensure that everyone gets the same picture of the final solution. We might see ways of achieving the result differently, but are confident in Volya’s skills and experience to get the final product done their way while meeting our requests.

What can you say regarding the deadlines?

We work from release to release. So the most important is to hit the release date. Volya’s small team and our company’s team manage to meet these deadlines cooperative.

What would you say about the quality of the work and the final result?

Before the application is published, we do always test it internally. Bugs are fixed quickly and usually the final product works well.

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