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About our team

Volya Software Corporation is a team of developers, QA/QC engineers, analysts and project managers with an extensive and diverse software engineering experience. We lead our products throughout all stages of software development cycle — from helping customers to conceptualize their idea, all the way to successful market launch and consecutive support activities.

Our main specialty is custom software solutions for businesses and industrial engineering solutions of varying complexity. We produce successful applications for desktop, server, web and mobile environments.

Additionally, we promote and support our own range of solutions and applications for the packaging industry. Thus, we have deep practical knowledge of the entire software development cycle — from concept to market launch. And these skills can serve your business!

What we do

We make quality software mainly for other companies: long term ongoing projects, known as IT outsourcing or one-time custom software projects, known as Work-for-Hire. If you have an idea on how to expand or improve an existing business utilizing emergent technologies, how to automate or streamline certain business processes or provide additional services to your customers, create something completely new or revive/refactor the old forgotten product — we can bring your idea to life!

Our competencies cover a fairly wide range of economic sectors, but if you are interested in specific areas, here they are:

We focus on the quality of the final product delivery. As a company, we provide a guarantee on the quality of our work. Our reputation was built on this guarantee.

Technologies used

Why Us

Volya Software Corporation has a number of advantages and key differentiating points that you might want to consider while looking for your software development partner:

  • the collective technical experience of our experts is more than 200 years. You can’t achieve this by hiring stand-alone staff or freelancers
  • the most qualified specialists with specific industry/sector experience are assigned to your project
  • teams of developers and testers have been working together for many years and their interaction and effectiveness have been tuned to perfection; this greatly affects the final quality of the product and delivery schedule
  • our team’s structure and flexibility allows us to double the staff of software developers in just a few weeks, if required by the scope or needs of the project
  • we don’t carry big sales departments or huge overhead expenses. We are very lean and bottom line focused team. This approach allows us to provide high quality work at very competitive pricing

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