Project description

The CRM system is developed for coordinating, scheduling, and managing legal cases. It helps a law firm quickly and efficiently respond to incoming requests from clients, and also allows customers to competently organize the workflow within the team. The Volya team developed the system architecture and database structure. Our solution makes it possible to automate main processes within the organization.

Main functionality

  • Lead management – include tools for lead capture, tracking, scoring, routing, and nurturing;
  • Client management – tracking all the inquiries received from different clients, tracking all negotiations with the client through different communication channels, must-do lists, and task management;
  • Well-organized calendar – the software allows scheduling and tracking court dates, meetings, and deadlines. CRM helps set reminders, and track alerts;
  • Document management – the system helps to scan paper-based info, store e-documents and images, track and manage files;
  • Data security management – protecting data from unauthorized access, auto-backup;
  • Automation billing operations – tracking billable hours and billing for them. Tracking other associated expenses.

Stack of technology


  • Html
  • CSS
  • Angular JS
  • Kendo UI
  • Bootstrap


  • WebApi
  • EF
  • QBO
  • MS SQL
  • T-SQL


  • IIS
  • Windows Server

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