Project description

The main task was the development of an interactive viewer for displaying and editing three-dimensional volumetric data in a sparse representation. This software visualizes models in the OpenVDB format and provides interactions with them faster than existing systems.

Main Functionality

  • The displayed data supports various types, with float and bool currently accessible.
  • The software seamlessly handles the visualization of a substantial volume of active voxels, up to 10 billion concurrently, contingent upon the video card’s memory. Interactivity remains robust throughout.
  • Users can exhibit multiple models simultaneously and execute various operations such as dilation, erosion, filling, spatial transformations, and boolean operations.
  • The application features a free camera mode alongside customizable rendering settings encompassing lighting, color, and interpolation.

Client info

The National Research and Development Company is dedicated to pioneering breakthroughs in various fields. With a legacy spanning half a century, they have crafted systems and devised solutions that enhance human interaction with technology. Beyond its renowned achievements, the company remains deeply committed to active research across physical, computer, and social sciences, continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Rendering example:

Technologies used

C++, Cuda, Python, OpenVDB, OpenGL, Qt (*icons)

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